Spank 18 [v 1.5]

In this game you will choose the use of a instructor. And if you walways wante dto be a educator in a class utter of hot and mischievous chicks then this game is very likely the closest thing to your fantasies. Simply don't think that everyhting will go effortless - these damsels are crazy in all ways including their discipline. Keep your eyes open and witness your students closely. There will be a few girls among them and it will be right to reward them. There will be ladies that will attempt to cheat on examinations or attempt to slink outside and smoke a cigarette - this is the sort of behaviour that needs to be disciplined. Depending on your actions you lose or will get points. You'll be warned, if you will do. If you're going to allow a lot of mistakes to happen you will be fired and will not see those lovelies again!

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