Back Alley Hooker

In this game you will meet quite ultra-cute blonde with perfect body. But do not be rush on your judgements - she is a hooker! And she is operating in not the best pert of town too. But even she was not hoping for what will happen tonight... By talking we mean what's going to occur in this match obviously. And that is exactly what wil happen - she will earn a trun into the wrong street - darka and filthy alley where nobody is walking for a few assfucking pervets! And this is the night of a few ass-fuck pervert was trying to find a wonderful caboose to fuck. What's going to happen? A lot of interactive hook-up scenes of course wher you'll need to use your mouse to perform few plain movement actions... which really turns you into the main character of this game - ass fucking pervert! A jolt!

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