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Sex Kitten: Mexico

In this episode of "Sex Kitten" you and your girlfriend Slutty McSlut will have to figure out how to cross the border to escape to Mexico from the feds who are chasing you. Unfortunately, your girlfriend does not have any use, because she found a bunch of coke and now she's high as fuck. And she spent all your money. You will have to get money by yourself in the nearest town, and also come up with where to get the documents to cross the border. To do this, you will have to use all your savvy and charisma, as well as choose the right answers and actions when performing quests and mini-games. Communicate with the inhabitants of the city, look for adventures, get involved in woes - do anything to earn money and not lose all your health! As you complete quests and tasks, you will also be able to see bonus hentai pictures! You will find a lot of jokes, adventures on your ass and sexy girls, so without any extra delays, let's start the adventure!

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