candy shop

Candy Shop – Neapolitan

New sweets are ready to be fucked! And do not be concerned about food - this is just another one sequence from hilarious hentai series"Candy Shop". New day signifies new experiments on creating something sweet and delicious into a sweet, flavorful and... screwable! Andour team consisiting of crazy scientis woman, her assistant and looks-like-he-is-the-only-normal-dude-here Andrew are going to utilize ice-cream! Well, looks like somenoe is going to suspend his dick off... Funny narrative and a collection of minigames indicating manga porn scenes is what you can hope from any game from"Candy Shop" series so if you're not a devotee of the game yet then most probably you will be after playing this one! And don't forget to check for a number of scenes on our website!

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