Dirty Girl

Your job is to get this sexy dirty woman cleanagain. It's tough to work out so here is the walkthrough: 1) undress her by removing garments and panties, two) click on the nozzle onto the left andtapon the water container under her foot to attach the nozzle) click on the water bottle next on the left and fill the jar with water by clicking onto the water container using the bottle armed, 4) select bottle and washher with by tapping on various body parts before the jarautomatically unequips, 5) pickup the sponge out of her bag, then transfer the sponge to the bottle in her bag to have the soap) click on her body components with the sterile sponge till it unequips, 7) pick jar of water and wash off the soap, 8) Find towel onto the perfect portion of the screen near her foot and dry off her. And get your bonus :)

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