Fuck Town

Private Detective

As you have already obtained it from the title you'll grow to be the detective inside this manga porn flash game. Along with also your assisstand Kylie is fairly hot item by the way! So get ready to start the narrative with a normal instance for any private detective - client would like to know is that his wifey cheating or not. And that wifey is pretty hot thing also! Through the game you'll have to get conversations with different personalities, see different places on the map, take phonecalls and use itens from your inventory, purchase gifts to bribe managers for advice you want - looks like a full scale private detective simulator... however with anime porn scenesand sexy minigames in it! Prepare to investigate this sexy case where you can easily become one of suspects!

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Fuck Town: Christmas Overtime

On a day before the Christmas, office employee Brad needed to stay at work later than usual. He was surprised when he learned that he isn't just person who must do some excess work this evening. Let's see what happened.

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Fuck Town: Hypno Therapy

This time you may envision yourself as a hypnotherapist. You have. Anyhow use your abilities to stripher and watch those beautiful boobs and fuck that pussy.

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