Holio U 12 Russian Tennis Star

This is your opportunity skills continue to be at the level that is top. Knock into this doorway and meet the woman who you might fuck after few minutes form now! In this episode you will meet hot woman who appears to be a tennis player from Russia! Meaning that she not just have curves but fairly fucakble and sporty looking figure in the whole. However, before you'll find a chance even simply to se it you need to find a perfect pickup line first. Choose one of three and if you say a thing which she'll love to hear then you eventually enter her space. Just continue her enthusiasm level high enough with your activities and you'll delight in a series of sensual minigames with all her!Are you prepared to see what she's capable for with big tennis racket in her hands?

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Holio U Nice Blonde

Are you prepared to explore Holio University dormitory for brand new fuckable chicks? Since in the current Holio-U game episode you will meet cute and really busty blondie! As normal - knock her doorway and attempt to guess which of three pickup lines can let you to get inside her space. Then choose another lineup - the one that is going to allow you to touch her in many interesting areas. And remeber - girls love to be touched in places that are different! Afterwards there will be more episodes until you will get to minigames. This scheme is pretty classic for the whole series so if you have played one of them before then you likely know absolutely what to do. And if you haven't played but liked this one then attempt to look for other episodes - there has been a good deal of them released.

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