Pussymon: Episode 34

This is one lengthy journey that does going to end any time briefly. And if you didn't get what we're referring to then it is"Pussymon" saga which currently has 34th (! )) Gig released. Seems like there's a good deal of devotees of this game and most likely you indeed should test it if you have not yet! By the way that this scene is titled"The Hydragodon's rival". Sounds pretty epic, dont' you think? Your team of personalities and this moment you will end up in some truly ginormous cave. Exploring it and get fresh pussymons before is your mission that nobody has ever seen. Ofcourse thare will be quests. Here you'll discover 8 fresh pussymons to capture, 26 new cartoons to enjoy. Also this scene introducing a new mechanic and a fresh elemental property which both will be well developed in upcoming vignettes.

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Pussymon 26

Here are the matters what is new in this episode: 8 fresh Pussymons; 26 new animations; 3 fresh side-quests; entirely new interactions with Lizardish, Lepllanny, Claire and Emily; greater thanthan 250 dialogs; 8 places; 10 new quests and new avenues.

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