Raven Sladed

This is a porn-parody of this animated tv show "Teen Titans" with Raven and Slade in the lead characters. This animation uses an excerpt from the original show, supplemented by a porn scene created with vector images. You will observe how through the conflict Slade beats Raven and rips off her clothes to punish the lost beauty. The girl has very appetizing and appealing shapes so that Slade immediately penetrates her entire body with his huge thick penis and begins to rape her. Sweet Raven's pussy expects a challenging vaginal sexual intercourse,and then Slade will permeate her desire ass for anal sex. In the end, he leaves the haggard girl lying on the floor and disappears. Though it's a porn-parody, flash-movie has high quality animation and great voice acting, and the sex sceneis presented in very comprehensive and glowing.

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Teen Titans Tentacles 2

Portion of this Teen Titans and creature battle. You've got (if you saw the former component ofcorse) seen how Raven got fucked up with lots of tentacles. So it is time for Starfire to see what she's capable in conflict with such monstrosity! And you will determine that chick comes with a key weapon against this kind of enemies - he will be fucked by her a hard and long as she can! Yep, you heardthat right - she enables him to fuck her in all holes at once! Why? Since having a lot of sex takes away a great deal of strengths - which exactly what our superhero group needs! And Starfire aim would be to fuck him untill his strengths but his lifestyle will loose not just ! There's not muchof a matchhere - it is just hot animated parody and fun.

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