College Life Part 2

College life never quits - and this is part two alreay! You'll be playingas pupil who indeed would like to fuck 1 chick out of his or her class. And for that he might need to work hard first. Seems like our hero has difficulties with history examinations and can there be some better opportunity to get closer with Julia (that's the name of the female he would like to fuck) and see at female students hostel after lessons? Of course not! But very first you'll need to truly examine along with her - not only she'll give few historic details but also will ask you few questions about them later! Just proove to her you had been listening (you may know this history facts yourself or just attempt to remember dates in the conversation lines) and you'll ultimately get beneath her underpants... and everything else!

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Asuna fucked doggystyle

Prisoner like all the other players, you are a spy. However, you couldn't expect to see the renowned Asuna Yuuki fucked doggystyle within this desert and small street. The sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood has her pussy rammed by a large cock. Asuna is fucked so hardthat she must place her hands from the wall to stabilize her bum. Not a SAO hentai game a sex loop starring Asuna. But there is just a couple hentai sequences around Asuna Yuuki...

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