Strip RPS

The title of this game is Strip RPS. And when you've played games for a while instead of nly personal computer or movie games then you probabply already understand that RPS standds to get Rock-Scissor-Paper. Yep, this is old and well-liked game that is known all over the world - only this time you'll be playing couple of anime sweethearts. Just select one of these dolls (if you are searching for the first-ever time afterward there'll be just one of these available - another one you'll unlock on stage 2) and play r-p-s with her. Just choose one of those symbols at precisely exactly the exact same time with her and find a winner. Evry time you'll triumph she will loose one of her clothes elements. Every tim you'll liberate... well, nothing will probably occur really - she will not be putting her clothes back or something like that. Just make her to find naked entirely and you will be allowed to fuck your enemy in brief minigame.

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