The Favourite Student

You took employment at College as a teacher of Culture. Today was the examination. The subject wasn't passed by one of your students. Her name is Jessica. Offer her some other alternatives to pass her exam :)

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Holio U Nice Blonde

Are you prepared to explore Holio University dormitory for brand new fuckable chicks? Since in the current Holio-U game episode you will meet cute and really busty blondie! As normal - knock her doorway and attempt to guess which of three pickup lines can let you to get inside her space. Then choose another lineup - the one that is going to allow you to touch her in many interesting areas. And remeber - girls love to be touched in places that are different! Afterwards there will be more episodes until you will get to minigames. This scheme is pretty classic for the whole series so if you have played one of them before then you likely know absolutely what to do. And if you haven't played but liked this one then attempt to look for other episodes - there has been a good deal of them released.

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Meet and Fuck: Favorite Teacher

There is new teacher in your town... on your school... in your course! She is blonde, sexy and only 26 years of age! Would you prefer to fuck yournew hot blonde teacher? You will need to talk her in to it! Pick up dialog lines directly - and she will ask you to come see her home! Select up wring lines - it is going to be interesting... and you will have the ability to replay it anyway! Sooner or later or will not just see her breasts - she will take your cock inside her mouth! And that is! However, this was just a prelude. There will be more of hot sex scenes with sexy sexy teacher and unique sorts of minigames - only play the game and you'll see and try all of them! Become her pupil in 1 night! Meet and fuck game in its bestto meet your new teacher and fuck her!

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