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Now That which we have? A full-scale plan game with fairly promising title -"Fight for teh Galaxy"! With some arousing additions which you expect to get from games found on our site ofcourse... The main objective is visible - youwill have to build and ream your base, defend it from the opponents and attack your rivals each time you'll get a chance. Over two heaps of updates are waiting for you so that you can transform your petite outpost in to fortress in which the fate of the galaxy is going to be decided... if you'll have the ability to use your defence and attacking units brainy enough. Some multiplayer features are also accessible in this version of the game. For any problem fixing or extra information perceive free-for-all to use contact form in game's menu.
It is not enough to enjoy visual books to play"Stranded" because here you will find not just story and characters, but also queer romp. But if you doesn't mind about such things at all then you can try it - not every day people get such games in scienece fiction genre. So the story will be following Michael Bester who happened to be last survivor on a planet light years from Earth's misadventures. Till the day something extrodinary has happened and when hethought his lifetime will be goingt obecome a existence - he found out that he isn't the final survivor! And according to the principles of the genre this meeting could switch their lives forever... or most likely finish them sooner than they ever thought! However, this is something you will need to find out your self.
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