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Working on the farm slightly could be exciting... unless that is a farm out of our manga porn game ofcourse! However there will be some working needed to be done until you will receive to the main content of this interactive escapade. For instance you will have to harvest some vegetables after which the bud leftovers you may use to feed your cow. You then are able to milk the cow (and the nicer and much more comfotable she's experiencing herself the more milk she is going to have the ability to give clearly). The selling of the manufacturing in the local marketplace will bring you a few coins that you'll be able to spend on extra features and updates which in their turn will enable you to work more hasty and much more productive later on... just don't leave behind to unwind with kinky funtime everytime you will get the opportunity!
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Welcome to the Magical Shop where all the magic creatures can get any magical potions they need... and most likely the only not so magical character in all this is Joe, the magician's helper. And as you have very likely already guessed you'll be playing as this Joe. It happend that your manager had to depart for some biz which is kinda makes you in control of this place so it will be up to you to satisfy the demands of various customers from now on. Obviosuly this can deliver you and your customers in a great deal of jokey or sexy (or possibly) scenarios when you'll be attempting to create magic potions sans needing any tips about how best to do it correctly - just unspoiled experimentation and fortune! By the way this is the first-ever customer for today - beautiful red-haired Bianca!
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