Metroid: Shoot to Strip

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Samus Aran went to a mission to steal documents but failed. She was captured by the Metroids and then taken to the bottom. Now the chief would like to interrogate Samus Aran. But for this, it is necessary to remove her combat suit. So your mission is to utilize a laser plank. Click on the feeble spots in the suit Samus Aran and the slat will destroy those places. You must fully demolish the suit Samus Aran. Then you will see huge-chested Samus Aran totally naked. And after that you can start the interrogation. But first-ever you need a orgy. The boss will fuck Samus Aran in her twat and smack her palms over her delicious butt. AndSamus Aran’s face sprinkles with tons of gloppy sperm. Samus Aran is prepared for interrogation. Let’s commence the fun.

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