Milk Plant 7

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Tifa Lockhart is visits Milk Plant – wonderful place where she will get her hefty tits milks and have some sexy fun at the same time! Ofcourse this all will happen in the event you will agree to help her in time that is. In this game you will see Tifa within her fresh leather underwear that may be taken off only by particular alloy manipulators… and how lucky you are that you’ve got set of these among your fucktoys! However, what do you got? Progress through the game by interacting with different mechanisms and ofcourse with Tifa assets and you will not only see but even attempt them! The more enthusiastic Tifa will grow to be! The one issue you’ve got is that this game is in japanese language but the graphic part here is really good and manages are intuitive so you scarcely will have any issues with walkthrough.

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