My Personal Asari

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Not exactly a hardcore game but more liek a set of inetractive animations but if you always thought that Commander Shepard was fucking his asari crewmemeber Liara then this game will undoubtedly help you. Game begisn together with Liara waiting to make a choice and beiing nude. About what? On which of her fuckhoels you are going to use ofcourse! You can make her to suck your big hard sausage or let her to please it using her big round tits. Vaginal and ass fucking hookup are also among possible actions so none of Liara's fuckholes will stay cock-squeezing after tonight... And if this is not enough it is possible to call for a friend so you could fuck this sex-positive archeologyst from both ends! Well animated manga porn parody which you can easily enjoy even if you haven't played"Mass Effect" games before.