Pussymon: Episode 01

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The very first-ever gig of hentai venture saga is here! So if you have watched the whole show and would like to revive the very first-ever impression of the game or in case you have not even heard of it want to try it fresh there is not any finer way to dit than simply to play Episode 1: Dragons Everywhere! This game might seem a parody on”Pokemon” universe and you won’t be far from the truth – in this game you and your buddies (if you’ll receive them) are likely to make it thru a great deal of adventures to capture the most powerfull and – in case of this game which is manga porn parody – that the hottest pussymons ever! Every new vignette will not proceed your heroic tale but also bring new species of pokemons and a lot of other exciting content! From teh way otehr epsidoes you can discover on our site (and there are tons of them).

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