Dungeon Of Cataclysm V2

A joy movie game concerning adventure. The magical kingdom was corrupted. Its origin, according to the rumors of those who managed to sustain, is located in the deep catacombs under the Royal Castle. There is a Heart of Sin which calls allies into Earth. The principal character is a daring knight Class, serving in the court of the Queen. After receiving instructions from the court sorcerer and also a couple of instances giving the guard at the gate up to his ears at the gate, our hero goes to the catacombs. Use the arrow keys to navigate thru the catacombs. Search for keys, open chests with prizes and kill monsters. You could also save some city dolls. As a reward for your courage, they will provide you a blow-job. After that, try to find the core of Sin and demolish it. Go on an adventure right now. Hence the time has come.

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