Duplex Billiard 1×1

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How about a game of pool with a few full-bosomed beauties! Two players, 2 sack and two sexy and immensely hot chicks in the backdrop. Clearly, one in each of the gamers will be you, and also one in all them are likely to become yours, whereas the second ball can belong to your enemy. The factor is, you’ll be enjoying yourself at exactly the identical time, and your job will be to ship your opponent’s ball into one in all these pockets before he’ll a similar to yours, that adds fairly little bit of dynamics to the gameplay. The round lasts only 2 mins, and so scores the leading things at the point of it’ll win, and when it is you, then rewarded for consequent level with new flick segments with two hot models who will bring their girls only pleasure within the following degree too.

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