Pussymon: Episode 40

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Now we’re having some kind of important moment – Pussymon Saga just acquired its 40th (!) Vignette! And it’s definitely going to be something special because it is titled as”The Queen’s Request”. You and your team of courageous pussymons along with pussymon hunters are on the way into the royal castle. But looks like your trip not only has taken more time than had been intended but there’s no any castles actuallyon the horizon! Can you ever get to your destination? And what particular request which may make one to postpone all your programs so that you could conclude the task? But if you want to understand mor ethen you ought to commence playing the game already! Ofcourse besides new tales you’ll discover fresh chractersnew pussymons and fresh sexy animations that will turn your lengthy jorney into very titillating one!

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