Pussymon: Episode 41

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Three years of teh story and forty epsiodes of Pussymon Saga are behind yet looks like this fine journey is not even planning to stop – the epsiode 41 is here! And this episode is going to be a little bit bigger and more articles packed than normal even tho’ there is one significant question you will have to response at the conclusion of today’s venture and it is”Where is Babette?” . As we mentioned there’ll be much more content than usual so get prepared to not just to explore fresh areas of Halloween Town but also to find and gather ten fresh pussymons along with 36 new aniamtions as well as to find access to new animated scenes with Bridget, DASH, Valentina, Lily and Samara! Additionally there will be 5 (!) Bosses to fight and a lot of new side quests that you carry out!

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