Succubus Twins part1 (WIP)

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Another one pulled minigame type the huge hentai-adventure-quest-rpg-tbs job”The Legend of Lust” wher eyou are going to play not just one but two buxom women at once – meet Succubus Twins! There’ll not be a narrative (for that test the original project) or dialogs (and for that also) but there will be two customizable red-skinned girls out of Hell whcih means they will be horny in all means. You can add or liquidate different sexy looking clothes on them, switch few differnet options for their breasts and even switch teh size of their boobs – afetr all since they are succubus they should downright reaction to your ideal of sexual beauty. You then may play with a few addictional actions which will be available for both twins.

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