Strip Hangman With Annette

A lady with big tits, whose name is Anette Schwartz, invites you to play an interesting game. She is known as the Hanged Man. The major mission of the game is to suppose that the phrase, while Anette Schwartz draws the gallows. So very first you have to click that you view on the monitor. As an example, it’ll be the letter”B” or”C”. When it’s in a encrypted word this letter will show up on the screen. If not Anette Schwartz will begin to draw just a tiny man. First thoughts, then legs, arms and figure. If you don’t have the time to guess the encrypted word, then the game will be over. But if luck is on your side and you suspect the encrypted phrase, then you will see beautiful striptease performed by chesty Anette Schwartz. Are you Then let’s embark the game right now. Play now »