Subway Fucker Part 1

A youthful nymph ambles in the roads in the day and looks round. She understands that near the city subway, instances of abduction of chicks became increasingly frequent. The city is lived in by A maniac. The gal goes down to the subway. Unexpectedly she gets hit on the head and sinks into a faint. The dame looks around. It looks like some sort of basement. Dim lamps are around. A figure moved in the innards of the basement. She comes closer and the gal with horror realizes that she was chased by a maniac. He tears off the doll’s clothes and ties her. Andbegins to taunt her gash. Use the mouse to interact with the game and switch the viewing angle. Nothing to kiss a buxom chick in various poses to make her your personal fuckfest doll. Let’s embark the game. Play now »