Subway Fucker Part 1

The first portion of an interactive 3D flash game. Girls started to vanish in town and the journalist wishes to commence an investigation. A beautiful and buxom Japanese journalist goes to meet her bf who wants to help her. She moves down the subway. She hears a noise behind her. Darkness. A loud knock and silence. What happened?? Suddenly a light comes on, and that she sees this a maniac has abducted her. She was brought by him to a secret refuge. There are sensual objects and apparatus. A hump maniac will kiss this big-boobed gal how he wants. He will fuck her in the honeypot and rump with a thick beefstick. Anduse a vibrator, tens unit and other devices. Moreover, he doesn’t mean to publish the female to liberty until she entirely abases her. It’s time for your game. Play now »