Nanase Love Scene

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Lucky patient 01

A normal office dude who works for a uranium ore processing firm arrived at the hospital for a regular medical exam. They’re sitting on a medical sofa and the medic is examining her. Wow. The doctor has good big tits and a uber-cute smile. And her assistant-a sexy and pretty nurse-is nevertheless a trifle. She’s youthfull and ready to play hump games with the clerk. After checking the heartbeat and blood pressure, the physician determines to look at the potency. The clerk takes off his trousers and remains nude. Wow. The clerk has a big and thick boner. The nurse immediately gets humid at the lower belly and wants to have lovemaking at this time. She’s closer and starts sucking the thick man sausage. And then she licks it with her tongue then massages the big balls. Is the clerk prepared for a potency check or is it going to be set hump? Play now »

Lucky patient 03

The examination of mister Johnson will continue during his third trip to miss O’Connell and her helper nurse. And in case you’ve played former games then you know exactly what to hope – these buxom ladies in uniform will take utter care of principal character’s boner they equallyhave caused the first-ever location. If you have not played them then check our site! Game is made as a series of interactive CG animated scenes in which you cannot only love hot lovemaking of older individual and his huge-titted medic having follow from youthfull but the less busty nurse but additionally specify how exactly you would like to do it – from picking which of these two bombshells that you need to fuck very first into the amount of strength you wnat to do it and few camera positiosn which you may change with only one click of a button! Play now »