Strip Hangman with Tiffany

Tiffany that wa smentione din teh title of this game is nonother than Tiffany Thompson – real dark haired erotic model who can’t wait to play some horny game with you tonight. And thsi game will be the game of guessing words known as”hangman”. The idea is simple – you will have to guess the term by the letters it may have in it. If you guess right you will see positions and quantity of the letter (or letters when there had been multiple of them employed) inwards the word. Otherwise Tiffany will include an additional stroke into hangman’s picture. To win the round you’ll need to imagine teh word earlier than the image will be finsihed by her. Each time will prize you with a brief flick clip where she is taking one of her clothes elements. Now the objective is clear – to undress her completely! Play now »