The Ghost of Halloween

Disaster struck on Happy Halloween. A Mesos guy was hit by a car , and later died. A sly blonde girl who didn’t know how to drive, was behind the steering wheel of the car. The spirit of the man returned to Earth to take his revenge. The ghost then flies to the home where the blonde lives. The ghost discovers the blonde asleep on the second floor. You are now the one to make the ghost laugh with the sexy girl. Explore the basement and other rooms. You will find a variety of items to complete the mission. There is a baseball bat or a string ball, and tennis rackets. Return to the roomand get the blonde. Use the items to excite the blonde. Take off the dress. Massage her with large watermelon. Then , you can kiss the girl with a baseball bat in her pink puss . Do you enjoy this kind of punishment? Let’s go for it! Play now »