Strip Hangman with Barbie

The title of this game is”Strip Hangman using Barbie” and it will be precisely what it states – here you’ll be playing the hangman game in order to not just to guess the phrases but also to undress down hot looking blonde model named Barbie each time you’re succesfull at the. As you’ll be imagining that the words letter by letter Barbie will attempt to distract you more and more by simply taking off her clothes lump by chunk so it’s very usefull for you to memorize the codes which will be awarded with ecah fresh round – in case if you’ll chance to loose you can typ ethem in and you’ll not need to embark all over again. And in case if you are not into slender blondes with nice and not so big tits and stiff booty for some reasons you can check our site for games of the same genre but with other models. Play now »