Fucktown: Hitch-Hiking

You will beging game as a hitchhiker on the way to Bay City. There are few miles left so it is not so bad idea to catch a van that rails in same direction. Just liek in real life fairly a lot of them will pass by before somone will cease on your petition. Yert in this game you will get lucky – the van that ceases is pushed by indeed hot chick! Therefore don’t miss teh chance to have a great conversation with her about the way and if you will make a fantastic impression that shemight even encourage you to quit at her spot. Ofcourse if you are going to do everything right you will get not only into her location but also into her underpants because if you happened to leave behind this is a manga porn game from a renowned string”Fucktown”. More games from this series you could always find on our site. Play now »