Fuck Town: Fun with Nun

In Fuck towna nun can provide you a lot of joy. Game starts on one cold winter night. Your character arrives at the doorsteps of some strange house but because he truly needs to warm up someplace that he dares to come in… and finishes up at some kind of labirynth. To research it you can use red arrows on the monitor which will allow to budge in certain directions. Also very helpfull will be a minimap in the top right corner that appears to be a evacuation plan you have pickep up at thedoor. But even more strange will be the paintings that you will find on the walls here and there. And when at the beginning these will be some apocalyptic pictures afterward you will find indeed hot pics of sexy chicks doing sexy things. Put every picture you will find in your case and once you will collect them all you are going to get an audience with the priestess… Play now »