Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

This flash game will say about the adventures of an ordinary student. His name is Kaito, and he lives in Tokyo. In the window of his room there is a terrific view of the city park. 1 afternoon, Kaito determined to visit the playground to loosen and love the silence. Suddenly he heard rustling in the bushes. A strange cat comes from them. Kaito offers him a fish, along with also the kitty walks away. A few mins later, a lady walks past Kaito. She’s a gorgeous figure and large udders. Then it begins to rain. Kaito provides to select the woman inside beneath an umbrella. The damsel waits… So, as you understand, the chief aim of this game is to find the nymph to have calmed hookup with her. To try it, you need to decide on the right options for the dialogue. If you’re rude or cheeky – that the game is over. It’s time to embark the game. Play now »