Kasumi Island

Excellent puzzle game having chesty and sexy Kasumi at the main role. Just imagine this spectacle – a tropical island, a sea, a bronze sunset along with a gorgeous huge-titted female Kasumi. She’s just stunning – she’s an athletic figure, a pretty face and huge tits. However, not everything is so amazing. On the island there resides a tribe of aboriginal native men and women, who do not head tasteing Kasumi. Aborigines catch Kasumi in captivity. What will be next? The reaction is hidden in the miniature puzzle game. You have to collect the whole picture from a few pieces. You then are going to progress in progress. In total there are 8 puzzles from the game that demonstrate the adventures of Kasumi and the Aborigines. Collect all of 8 puzzles and open the full narrative of Kasumi’s sexual adventures. Play now »