Summoner’s Quest Ch.9.5

New episode of Summoner’s pursuit is here – and it is chapter 9.5 alreday! The sport itself is some kind of visual novel and parody manga porn game in the same time. You will be likely throuh a lot of dialogs. No, you will be going through A LOT of dialogs – that is more precise description. You will meet a whole lot of famous chracters – largely from”League of Legends”. Which ones of these may become your friends and which not you’re able to determine in those few moments when you’ll be permitted to determine where to stir the game story . But no matter which way it will go you’ll receive your reward in the end – hot hump scene with all characters in the game! In the event you played with LoL, such as games with lots of text and humore and does not head to witness on sexy girls then you need to try this game. Play now »

Tower [v 0.36.1 Light]

This game is a youthful smith from a village who decided to go in search of escapade in order to earn wealth and stardom. The game is interactive and you can choose any path to go through. So with the help of the world map you can move between locations. Entering a local city, you can borrow a store to buy weapons and armor, as well as visit a bar to find out the latest rumors and news. Speak to the lady of the building and she will encourage you to get fucky-fucky. On the bulletin board you will see quests to conclude. When you accomplish the mission you’ll receive a reward and are going to be able to shell out cash to get a call girl. Therefore, in case you prefer to learn more about the fantasy world that game is for you. Play now »

Quickie: Christmas Special

If you’re after the set of short visual novel games”Quickie” then you know that it’s fairly great gallery of sexy ladies. How about to play a special variant of the game dedicated season night, at which you are able to have a nice date with one of your girlfriends? If your reaction is”yes” then get prepared to meet Reika, Mai, Satomi or Sara once again during this excellent time of the year to discuss some enthusiasm and love! The gameplay this time may seem much lighter than in routine vignettes but that’s the special edition that’s concentrated on making you happy rather than trying to catch you on making any mistakes during dialogue with hot ladies… espeically in the event you’ve seduced those girls before and have their contacts in your smartphone so the one thing left to do would be to call one of them… Play now »

Quickie: Satomi (Premium)

“Quickie” is really a collection of ordinary and fairly brief visual novels for everybody who does not have enough time to play long stories. Add great artwork style and several unique endings depending on the choices you’ll make in the crucial points of the narrative without wonder you may wish to play all games in the show (which you can always find on our site)! Today you are going to attempt yoru chances with Satomi. She works in the college libarary and if you enjoy curvy ladies dressed in glasses and pretending they are not whorish at all then the only question is going to be left on mind is the reason you have not been in this place earlier? However, keep detected that you betetr believe before you will do or say something because bad ending (without a manga porn content at all) is one of the most possible ones. Play now »

Yuna sex dating – final fantasy X

Now you will have the chance to spend some private time with non besides Yuna from”Final Fantasy” series and since there’ll be no one near you should not be surprised that fairly shortly your improvised date will soon probably become hot hookup marathon. Just switch different scenes and go after the elementary story which will showcase you that Yuna is not as shy a syou might remeber her and may be you will find her being much more trampy than in your wishes. There will be a moment when it is possible to decide where exactly yoru date will probably proceed next but regardless of what will you pick there still going to be a whole great deal of hookup with Yuna in many unique positions among unusual decorations – you don’t even need to be that the”Final Fantasy” admirer to enjoy this incredible collection of CG manga porn content! Play now »

Re:Maid with Cheats

The main character of the visual publication is Nishi and he is beginner at the Japanese University. Ofcourse besides studying he’s fairly interestined in succeeding at an additional thing – getting laid by a few women around him! But that ones of these will be ready to talk about his enthusiasm for having fucky-fucky and the ones may say”no” to his efforts? That’s something whichyou can figure out only by enjoying the game! And as in any excellent visual publication you’ll be making decisions from time to time that will affect your connections with one or another character and form your personalline of the main narrative that’ll lead you to one of couple unique endings so think carfeul enough onto the conclusions that you will be earning if you are searching for any specific outcomes. Play now »