Strip Wordlingus

“Wordlingus” is your erudition game about words while the word”strip” scarcely requires any additional explantion and this creates the major idea of the game quite obvious – you will be unwrapping hot looking girls by guessing that the words! And we said”chicks” in plural because unlike many other games of this genre you can disrobe not one and even maybe not two or three distinct versions by your pick! And while you’re deciding which one of these you need to see entirely naked first-ever here are few standard rules: after you will type in the term you will see that a few letters will be colored from red (which means that this letter will be really on it’s decent place) and blue (there’s such letter in this word nonetheless it needs to be set somewhere else) so it will help you to guess the decent word sooner or afterward (also it is finer to happen earlier because the amount of attempts is limited). Play now »