Fuck Town: Space Exams

You have been thru lots and lots of activities in Fuck Town thru these years yet there are still a lot of fun things to do this. Just how you will attempt to pass space exams and get into the team that supposed to start a colony on Mars? Not too usual thing to do in manga porn and erotic games so don’t miss the chance! The concept of this game is following. You are attempting to sign up for space mission but first you’ll need to pass five examinations. Every one of them is provided by individual so you will have to find them first by exploring the HASA center. But even if you will find the proper person there are still two outcomes are possible. You will be asked a series of quiz questions and in the event that you’re going to make a mistae you will wind up on the opposing side of the doorway (but that does not mean that you can’t get a second opportunity). The other alternative is you will response all questions accurately and not only you will get your grade but also an opportunity to understand your tutors much closer… Play now »