Sex Kitten: School 2!

Slutty McSlut who’s just one hairy kitty and for some reasons your grilfriend in fairly lengthy series of anime porn games is back! But don’t be overly happy about this – she’s back only to state that you are still dumb an dthat you finer get back to school to grow your IQ flat enough to maintain the manga porn marathon going (well, she has her own standarts but you should know that by now). So there isn’t anything you can do and there’s absolutely no way you can turn down – return to college to bring several IQ points for your data and… well, attempt not to die while doing it! And if in the process you will get a lot of anime porn images from these unusual (and sometmes sexy, and sometimes hilarious) characters you may meet on your way then it will definitley be a bonus! So have fun if you have any idea how to do that! Play now »